Top 10 Camping Places Near Bangalore

10 Best Camping Places Near Bangalore

Sitting around the bonfire; enjoying the clear, starry night skies; and engrossing in the aromatic fragrance of barbecues are what delineate camping in Bangalore. While escaping from the hustle bustle of the city and going on a holiday; nothing can be more engaging and invigorating than camping under a clear, starry sky! Camping in Bangalore is one of the best attractions that are driving tourists and vacationer to the city from every corner of the world. Here’s our list of top 10 Best Camping Places Near Bangalore! 

There are hundreds of enthralling camping sites in and around Bangalore; where you can chill, unwind, and spend your night time.

  • Ramanagara 

Known for its exciting trekking lanes; Ramanagara also has some really breathtaking camping sites to explore. It is located approximately 50km away from Bangalore city and is ideal for team outing and camping.

  • Bheemeshwari

The approximate distance of Bheemeshwari from Bangalore city center is 105km. Start your day with the exploration of wildlife creatures including jackals, Malabar giant squirrel, grizzled giant squirrel, wild pigs, leopards, elephants, sambars and spotted deer; you can reach the campsites and immerse yourself into nature with recreational camping activities.

  • Nandi Hills

Delight yourself in exciting camping and outdoor activities at the fantastic and adventurous camp sides of Nandi Hills. It is located around 60 km from Bangalore and is touted as one of the best camping destinations near the city.

  • Bananthi Betta

Bananthi Betta’s approximate distance from Bangalore is 62km. It is renowned for its rocky surfaces, lush greenery, untouched natural beauty, and amazing camping sites.

  • Anthargange

Anthargange is another ideal place for exploring the nightlife and camping near Bangalore. It is nestled approximately 70km away from main city center and also renowned for trekking and mountain hiking.

  • Nachikuppam

Known for its ideal sites for forest camping, the picturesque lakes, and stunning vistas of sunset; Nachikuppam is another best camping destination near Bangalore. The approximate distance of Nachikuppam from Bangalore is 75km.

  • Kabala Durga

Retreat your adventurous soul with the stunning night views of nature, while camping at Kabal Durga. It lies nearly 80 km from Bangalore city.

  • Madhugiri

Explore the mysticism of Madhugir’s nocturnal exquisiteness and enjoy your weekend with trekking and camping under the patent, glittery skies! This small city is located around 100km away from Bangalore.

  • Kalhatty

For vacationers looking for adventure, wildlife photography, sunset, and bird watching; Kalhatty is one of the best campsites near Bangalore. The approximate distance of this place from Bengaluru is 264km.

  • Kanakpura

Kanakpura campsites are lauded for their clear bird and wildlife sightings. If you want to enjoy an incredible and beautiful nature camping experience; then this is your ideal destination.

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