Adventure Sports


Make Your Holiday More Daring With Adventure Sports Of Maanya Resorts

Do you want to revive your life by enjoying some adventurous and exciting activities this weekend? Do the adventurous activities drive you crazy for exploring the hilltops and forests? if so, Maanya Resorts is surely an ideal place for you! We at Maanya Resorts understand this craving of people for various adventurous activities and games and thus offer an ideal cocktail of fun, entertainment, exhilaration, adventure and great scopes to unwind all of them in the sky-touching hills of Hosur & Krishnagiri. Vacation or holidays are the best time to experience the adrenaline urge and spine-shivering actions and Maanya Resorts has a comprehensive range of adventurous activities which can make your trip to Bangalore more memorable and thrilling.

Located 68km far from Bangalore, in the middle of sky-soaring hills and breathtaking greenery; Maanya Resorts is the place all Adventure Sports-lovers should go. Though it is basically a holiday weekend getaway; but it also features an extraordinary collection of outdoor games and Adventure Sports as well! We at Mannya Resort have several extremely cool and exciting games like camping, bike riding, and trekking to name a few that can give holidaymakers an unforgettable holiday experience in Krishnagiri. Experience the excitement of walking on water inside a balloon, and scroll through the rock-strewn lands, and drive the bike in between the tracks; make your vacation more thrilling and exciting at Mannya Resort.

What’s Our Specialty?

When you holiday with Mannya Resort, we set the feet thumping and the ball rolling for you! Enjoy different daring and adventure activities like aqua & land zorbing, bouncing ball, rock climbing, trekking, ATV bike ride, bull ride, etc. with your family and friends and make your holiday a lifetime memory. The available zestful and bold activities make Maanya Resorts the best place to visit with your family, friends, kids, and amigos for making the weekend more electrifying and exhilarating! We at Maanya Resorts leave no stone unturned for ensuring every moment of your trip to be a magical and bold one! Located in a close proximity to the hills of Krishnagiri, our resort has everything which can keep your trip bolding going like never before.

Our adventurous sports can keep you on your toes and enjoy every moment of your vacation with us! Whether it is action-packed adventure sports like bike riding or only a step closer to nature, Adventure activities and sports can drive you all through it. At Maanya Resorts, you can enjoy a range of Adventure Sports; but Three out of them have grabbed hundreds of eyeballs and are highly popular among our guests. We specialize in:

  • ATV Rides
  • Aqua Zorb
  • Bouncing Ball

Cart the ripcord and take yourself to the air with our adventure; experience the speed, thrill, and challenges with our ATV bikes; walk on the water with our super-sized Aqua Zorb, and enjoy the foolhardy and enlivening ATV rides in the hilly lands of of the Resorts!