Full Day Package

Rs.1500 per person

Check-In 08:00 am - Check-Out 08:00 pm

Break fast, Lunch, Hi-Tea & Dinner

Swimming Costumes Compulsory | Outside Food strictly not allowed | Guests Should carry own towels.

Enjoy Each & Every Moment of Your Day with Maanya Resort’s FullDay Package

Are you planning to take a quick break from the monotony of busy life; but unable to take a long holiday right now?  Do you want to spend a day, far from bustling city life, distinct from the mundane and run-of-the-mill days? If so; going for the Full Day Package at Maanya Resorts is the best choice for you! You will be welcomed by the breathtaking serene and pleasant vistas of nature, while enjoying a relaxing day-stay in the featured resort!

Maanya Resorts offers the most affordable full packages to those, who want to relax their tired mind, body, and soul amidst the antique architectured space with fundamental facilities and manicured greenery, in a splendid royal resort for a day. Nature is the biggest attraction point for tourists and holidaymakers travelling to the outskirts of Bangalore and thus we have made every possible effort to make sure our resort is a part of nature too.

At Maanya Resorts, we have combined the modern lifestyle with eco-friendly styling and design so that our guests can enjoy the best pleasure of nature, greenery, and a pollution-free ambient, far from the hustle-bustle of the city. Our rooms and cottages are perfectly and tastefully blended into their serene and natural surroundings, encompassed by the breathtaking greenery, home-grown flora and fauna, and high-flying views of hill-top for giving you an unforgettable experience.

We have various packages for our esteemed guests and visitors, who want to make a long-stay at our resort for enjoying the stunningly beautiful nature of Hosur &Krishnagiri and also for those who are signing up for a short-term, one-day stay with us. Our full day packages are designed for those who want to spend their entire day with us; while availing our great features, warmth hospitality, and world-class services.

What’s So Special About Our Full-Day Packages?

  • Our full Day Packages are all-inclusive and come with several amenities for the signed-up guests. Under this full-day package, we always ensure our guests to enjoy the most pleasant and memorable day of their life.
  • By providing inimitable comfort and relaxation accompanied by various complimentary services and facilities; we always make sure that our guests are taking best memories with them; when they go back home.
  • The cost of our full-day package at Maanya Resorts is Rs.1500 per person. Under this affordable and pocket-friendly charge, you can enjoy a ravishing, luxurious, and highly amiable moments within our resort.
  • With this package, your day at Maanya Resorts starts at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 8.00 p.m. Guests are advised to come with their own swim costumes & as we don’t serve towels in this package they have to bring their own piece of wiper with them.
  • The amenities, we serve under this package include scrumptious and healthy breakfast, buffet lunch with several mouth-watering dishes, hi-tea, and a dinner at our majestic dining center.
  • Moreover, you are also given the complimentary access to our grand swimming pool, water slides, rain dance, a variety of indoor & our door games for freshening up your body and mind.