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Get An Unforgettable Outdoor Gaming Experience At Maanya Resorts

Are you looking for outdoor games near Bangalore? Do you want to make your holiday more energetic, active, and dynamic? If so; don’t forget to check the collection of Outdoor Games, available at Maanya Resorts. Located in between Hosur & Krishnagiri, 68km away from Bangalore city center; Maanya Resorts presents a perfect and relaxing weekend getaway for holidaymakers. And in case you are sports enthusiasts, Maanya Resorts has a range of outdoor games to participate in. If you are physically active and outdoor games are your thing; then you will surely love Maanya Resort’s selection of games. Be it winter, fall, spring or summer, from top-of-the-line volleyball nets to handcrafted croquet sets, from power cricket to basketball; we at Maanya Resorts are determined to keep our guests playing all through their vacation.

Outdoor Games and sports play a vital role in ensuring the overall development of body, mind, and health and we at Maanya Resorts understand this fact very well. And this is the reason why we are offering relaxing and engaging options for the child, teenager, and adults through our range of fast-paced outdoor games. Starting from badminton, cricket, basketball, Water Roller, volleyball, bull cart ride, net cricket, football, archery, indoor cricket, outdoor gym, children's play area, rural games etc. Maanya Resorts offers a range of outdoor gaming activities to its visitors to play a part. We have an open air ground, surrounded by relaxing, all-natural greenery where you can enjoy various types of outdoor games make strengthen every limb of the body and make yourself physically fit. Our offered outdoor games benefit our guests’ health and this sequentially gives us satisfaction and pleasure.

Collection of Outdoor Games at Maanya Resorts

Tennis: Our state-of-the-art Tennis Court promises to make your every stroke a terrific one. Come and take part in our tennis games for making your holiday more dynamic and physically agreeable.

Cricket: Join our power cricket pitch; practice your best, Get Cut Shot, Cover Drive, and Pull Shot and make your cricket scoring greater. Enjoy your weekend afternoon at our new and well-settled power cricket ground!

Football: Sport your boots tight on your feet and pull off the ultimate skill of football on out football grounds with your friends, family, and kids. Make your stay more memorable and exciting at Mannya Resort!

Archery Games: Set your bows; prove your concentration prowess with our archery games. Get set with your arrows and target the bulls-eye!

Basket Ball: Warm up your body, stretch your muscles, be a good team player, and make a goal on our basketball court! Enjoy this great social sport with your family and friends at Mannya Resort’s basketball court.

Water Roller: Treat your kids a great summer afternoon at our modernly crafted amusement park with water rollers. Make your children’s vacation more enjoyable and relaxing with us!

Badminton: Jump a little, stretch a little, and hit the shuttlecock across the net! Enjoy your game at our perfectly designed lawn game with the lightweight badminton racket, net, and shuttlecock!

We would be adding some new outdoor games in near future.

Outdoor games