Enjoy A Mesmerising & Unforgettable Trekking Experience At Maanya Resorts

Are you in and around Bangalore and want to explore the nature, the majestic hills, the glorious temples, and hill-top views of the outskirts of the city? Do you want your trekking experience to be an unforgettable, well-arranged, and well-guided? If so; we at Maanya Resorts are here to help you! Escape from the humdrum of your daily life and spend your day with nature! Hosur & Krishnagiri offers a fantastic trekking experience to all those adventurous souls who want to jump into the peaceful laps of nature and enjoy the exciting vistas of the hills, rivers, temples, and wooded forests and we at Maanya Resorts always ensure all those adventurous souls to enjoy a cherished, tremendous, relaxing trip!

Right from team off-sites and residential conferences to one-day trips, family weekend vacations, day outing, and sightseeing, adventurous sports, campfire, water games, and indoor activities; Maanya Resorts offers a host of holiday activities for making your vacation more memorable and enjoyable. However, apart from all these options; one more facility that makes Maanya special than others is its Trekking facility!

Maanya Resorts As Your Trekking Partner

No matter if you want to enjoy a majestic hilltop view of the forest from the hills of Hosur & Krishnagiri or want to explore the natural vistas of Hosur & Krishnagiri, and the surrounded greenery and engaging wooded vicinities; Maanya Resorts has the best and ideal trekking solutions for you around Bangalore. Offering several other exciting facilities outing, camping, sight sighting, and night-clubbing, Maanya Resorts also assures its guests and visitors to experience a more enjoyable, exciting, and relaxing trekking in the thick and majestic jungle and hills of Hosur & Krishnagiri.

With us, indulge yourself in a horde of thrilling trekking, outing, and sightseeing activities and when sun bids adieu for the day, spend your evening with your much-loved drink, sitting near the bonfire with a plate of barbeque. Sprawling across large and beautifully crafted vicinity, complemented by the presence of delightful greenery and eco-friendly atmosphere; Maanya Resorts is the ideal venue for all those who want to explore nature and natural vistas. Our trekking packages are affordable and customizable which means you can modify them as per your individual requirements and budget!

Types Of Trekking We Offer

Temple Trekking: We have some handpicked, popular, and age-old temples and religious places to where you can trek through the bumpy hilly roads and green tick wooded areas! We also have some experienced and local guides who will plan, guide, and comfort you during your temple trekking!

Hill Trekking: Unwind your tired soul, let your fear fly, and trek to the hilltops to accomplish your goals and enjoy a majestic and mesmerizing vista of Bangalore city! Let us plan your trekking through the bumpy roads of the key-touching hills of Krishnagiri!

Forest Trekking: Let’s trudge through the chunky and engaging forests of Krishnagiri and enjoy a natural, breathtaking, and refreshing experience of forest trekking with the experienced guides of Maanya Resorts! Let us help you escaping from the humdrum of the city and reaching a natural venue where you can freshen up your mind, body, and soul!