Water Games

Water games

Get Water On With Mannya Resort’s Exciting Water Games

Are you ready for uninterrupted fun in a rain dance floor? Are you all set for rolling through the water slides and enjoying water splashes all over your body? A host of fun, exciting, and enjoyable water games await you at our all-natural and serene Maanya Resort! Located some 60km away from Bangalore city; Maanya resort can be your best choice to spend this weekend. With the approaching summer, mounting heat waves, and tepid climate; it’s the perfect time to celebrate getting wet and participate in various water games, available at our Maanya Resort! Water sports available in our resort can make your vacation even more exciting and worthwhile, particularly for those who are an adventurous animal.

Dip in the swimming pools, get water on, and roll through the hose pipes, and get some refreshing watery experience with your family, friends, kids, and colleagues at our resort! Maanya Resort presents a unique combination of sunshine, greenery, and water all year round which attracts holidaymakers and tourists most. From delivering dynamic floors for rain dance to entertain guests through water slides; we have various water sports for making tourists and holidaymakers’ stay more enjoyable and exciting. Surf through the large swimming pool, scroll up and down through the water slides, and take your dancing soul out with the feet-thumping music in the floor for rain dance; make your body, spirit, and mind wet with our range of water games and adventurous activities.

Splash your family, kids, and yourself in the cool waters of our swimming pool and zoom around the water slides and rides. We offer a perfect family-friendly, entertaining, and attractive water park for our guests. At Mannya Resort, we have rounded up a host of water games for children including water slides, water subway, Zip zap zoop, and much more. No matter if you are planning for a kids’ day out near Bangalore or want to spend some refreshing time with your friends; Maanya Resort’s water park is surely your thing. Raise the roof in water rides, enjoy surfing through water slides and make a land at swimming pool, and freshen up yourself in the rain dance floor with exciting music at Maanya Resort!

Being a responsible resort operator, we always ensure the highest standard of safety factors so that everyone can be ensured an enjoyable, safe, and carefree holiday. Our swimming pool is modernly architected in a large area for offering hours of uninterrupted fun and enjoyment to the guests all through the year. Our rain dance floor, family pool, and water slides are assured to keep your fun going all through the day! Our all-dancing, rain dance floor can also be a memorable retreat for your boring, 9-5 lifestyle! Wet your boring summer days with water splashes and make your weekend more refreshing and enjoyable at Mannya Resort.

So do not wait! Visit our resort and enjoy our water games to the fullest. During summer, our resort is packed. Should you wish to book in advanced, reach out to us.